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Hello everyone! My name is Sun Jian. I not only love sports, but also learnvery well, and of course, there are many shortcomings. I was not tall in myclass, but I never was bullied, but the students always gave me the nickname"grandson". I had to hear it and I didnt hear it. Sometimes I really blame dad,more than 100 surname world, why name. But whats the way to do that? This is thedoomed, and cant just complain about Dad.

I have a pair of big black eyes, always blinking. Under the eyes, there wasa very good nose, and a small mouth that spoke leaking. I always like to asksome naive questions, sometimes it is very strange to ask people to answer.

I especially love sports, such as playing badminton, running (must beSprint), playing basketball, playing football... I remember playing badmintonwhen I was a child. My father and I had more than two hours. Mother was afraidof us tired, then persuaded me to say: "do not fight, and then fight will besick." I rushed to his mother grimaced, playfully said; "mother, my father and Iwas a very old man, you can rest assured!" We all laughed at the end of thetalk.

Im very good at learning, too. I feel the happiest and most meaningfulthing in the holidays is to go to the bookstore. As long as the bookstore, Ijust came to the knowledge of the ocean, like hunger and thirst to to read everybook...... Sometimes closed until the bookstore, I was unable to part fromhome.

Let me tell you a little secret. But dont laugh at me. It was an afternoon,and in the first class, I played the game of "police grabbing thieves" with LiuPeng. At first, I was a thief, and he was a police officer. When I ran in frontof a teacher accidentally put on the table of the wall broken, my heart in histhroat, this, miserable! But when I Liu Peng scratch and scrape the wall, thinwall crumbled into pieces of floating to the ground. At this time, all thestudents saw, all thought that Liu Peng was broken. I took the opportunity togloat said: "Liu, you miserable." He will cry too. At this time the bell rang inclass and the teacher came in. The teacher asked who see chart bad get, thestudents are a mouth that is Liu Peng. The teacher criticized him hard andcalled him to stop, and I began to regret it. Although no one knows I have abroken wall, but why am I afraid to admit mistakes? Today I finally put it out,even if I have a deep reflection on it again!

I have said so much, and tell you my little secret, because I think of youas the most trusted good friend. Do you have any secrets to tell me, OK?

I am what I am! Do you like me?


My name is Mao Junpei, 19 years old this year. Im from Shaan_is Ankang,which is known for all. Shaan_i is a great province with deep historical andcultural details. Maybe thats why I love history and writing. With the openingof the tunnel in Qinling Mountains City, my hometown health has become animportant transportation hub of the city, plays the role of South and NorthCheng, as a healthy person, I would like my home and become a media, strengthenthe North South cultural e_changes and communication, let more people understandShaan_i, let more people understand China.

I live in a harmonious and happy family, maybe influenced by my father. Iam passionate, generous and loving to make friends, so I also have better socialskills. I love novels, as a boy, maybe a lot of people love hanging coagulation,reasoning, and I love youth romantic, I love close to life, close to our story,about growth, about the dream, about love, in my opinion, this is true. I thinkscience fiction is too false, but it doesnt interfere with my thinking. Ofcourse, I prefer to watch historical war movies. Especially the TV series"sword". Li Yunlong, Zhao Bian, political commissar of the elegant, this is whatI tried to learn. For e_ample, the film "wind". At the end of Gu _iaomengsmonologue "because the nation has come to the survival of the occasion, we canonly save Yu Wanyi regardless of personal danger." This gives me not only theshock of the mind, but I find my favorite specialty in this light and shadowworld.

I love youth, but also love history, I am strong, and very fragile, perhapsthis is very contradictory, but in philosophy, it is not to say, thecontradiction is the motive force of the development of things. I also longedfor my parado_ to find its own development stage.


Hello everyone! My name is ___. When I was young, I had many colorfuldreams. Being a ___ is one of my dreams. I have a lofty ideal that I want to bea ___, so I like sky blue and silver white. It means I want to fly to the sky.My height is ___, I am an introverted person, so I like reading books very much.Of course, I like __ best. I dont know whether you have seen the other gods, theclassic of animation. I roam in the ocean of the book, and here I hope to havethe same love for you.

I have broad loving biggest advantage is helpful, I this person is typicalthermal intestines, if later you who have difficulty, as long as I can help you,although said, I will not refuse under any circumstances! Considerate andwarmhearted to call again appropriate, I get along well with this person, youwill get to know me. Ha-ha. What do I like most about winter? No particularreason. Autumn is too sentimental, summer is too warm, but spring is too mild,and winter is no better. Between four, it can make people calm and make peoplememorable. I like the proudly winter plum, the stubborn unyielding quality is mystudy goal, I like the snowflake insistence, to reach the destination bravelyforward.

Yes, I love the food is my mother, her art is very good, do I eat foodstomach open, articulate Liu_iang, I welcome you to add our guest, ensure thathome was full of praise.

This is me, a happy boy, a helpful boy, a smart and kind me.

Today, I am standing in the middle of my classmates. I like here and thestudents eager to fly, eager to have more room for development in the future,have the talent and the wider world. I think there will be a harvest withplowing. In the ne_t few years, taught by the teachers, we will have an infinitefuture.


Good afternoon, professors:

it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, iwould like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a goodperformance today. now i will introduce myself briefly, my name is___yearsold,born in __. my major is applied physics,and i will receive my bachelordegree after my graduation in june. in the past 3 years,i spend most of my timeon study, i have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as wellas a rich e_perience of social activities. i am a determined person, alwayswilling to achieve higher goals.

whats more, i am good at analysis, with a strong sense of cooperation.personally, i am very humorous and easy-going, enjoying a good relationshipamong my classmates.

in my spare time, i like to read books regarding how to be myself and howto deal with problems. music and movies are my favorite entertainments. as formy sport interest, i could not deny my greatest interest is basketball. playingthis game brings me a lot of glory, happiness and passion.

all in all, i choose the major in order to broad my view in physics,andenhance my research ability.i will do my best to join the new group and be goodat postgraduate study.

Ok,that’s all.

thankyou everyone!


Hello Everyone, my Name Is Lee. This Is Really A GREat Honor To Have ThisOpportunity, and I Believe I Can Make Good Performance Today. Now I WillIntroduce Myself Briefly.

I Am 20 Years Old, born In Guangdong Province, south Of China, and I Am ASenior Student At Guangdong __University. My Major Is English. And I WillReceive My Bachelor DeGREe After My Graduation In June.

In The Past Four Years, I Spent Most Of My Time On Study. I Passed CET4 AndCET6 With A Ease And Acquired Basic Theoretical And Practical Knowledge OfLanguage.

I’m very happy and I like to make friends with others. I also like singingbut traveling is my favorite, I have been to many interesting places in Chinabut I haven’t been to other countries. What a pity!

At school, I study Chinese,math, English, history, politics and so on. Ilike all of them. I often help my teacher take care of my class and I think I ama good helper. I live with my parents and we go home on time every day.

That’s all, thank you.